Noidzor 2 released!

2008-02-27 04:24:10 by mofunzone

Due to the extreme success of its predecessor and great demand by you, I present to you our newest and one of our biggest free games -- Noidzor 2!

Noidzor 2 is one of our most elaborate free games evAR :P, and you'll know what I mean when you first load the game. This is of course due to the shocking success Noidzor had! This sequel features the same unique game concept with new baddies, kickass bosses, attacks... and much more... and EVERYTHING else has been improved, including but not limited to the graphics, game-play, engine, speed, attacks, skills, story, and much more! Stop reading and play it already! :P

The game is currently only available on our site, but it'll surely make its way here just like the first one did!

Thanks for reading!


Noidzor 2 released!